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What is WebCheckINN?

Created by CLC at hotels' request, Web CheckINN is an Internet-based program your hotel can use to bill Corporate Lodging for guests carrying the CLC CheckINN card.

Do I still have to send in vouchers or rooming lists?

No. Just keep the signed folio in case a customer ever questions a stay transmitted electronically.

Will I get paid faster?

Yes. Since the hotel's invoice preparation and mail time is eliminated, the hotel will be paid seven to 14 days faster. Electronic transactions settled prior to midnight are processed the following morning. Mail delay and billing amount errors are eliminated with Web CheckINN.

Can I use it to enter unused guaranteed rooms or no-shows?

Yes. The account can be setup to automatically bill unused rooms; however, no-shows need to be billed manually as no card is present.

What are the steps to using Web CheckINN?

  • Purchase a keyboard wedge and install on a PC with Internet access
  • Using your hotel web account, check-in guests by swiping their card and entering their check-in information
  • No swipe is required at check-out
  • Settle nightly after reviewing the stays

How much does Web CheckINN cost?

There are no signup or on-going charges from CLC. A keyboard wedge is recommended to swipe a guest's card. The price of the keyboard wedge is $100.

Does Web CheckINN process rates correctly for guaranteed rooms?

Yes. Guarantee room rates will NOT appear on pre-settlement, but will be reflected accurately on final settlement and the settlement confirmation e-mails.

How can I tell if my settled transactions were received at Corporate Lodging?

Settlement automatically triggers an e-mail from CLC with an Excel readable settlement statement. Also, all transactions submitted prior to midnight are visible via the CLC Hotels web site - sleep detail inquiry screen. Transactions can be requested by sleep date and indicate billing/payment status.

For any questions or to sign up:

Call a CLC electronic commerce representative at 800.425.3562.